Sunday , February 18 2018

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Video: Riddle of the Tuareg, OSU Lecture by Bernie Taylor


February 2, 2018 The hero’s journey monomyth is at the core of stories worldwide among indigenous peoples, the ancients, and our modern society, In this video The Riddle of the Tuareg” that is drawn from Bernie Taylor’s book “Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero” he explores a deeper root for this mono myth by looking at how hunter-gatherers …

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Heartbreaking Video Shows A Sick Woman Died In Snowy Atlas Mountains Despite Valiant Rescue Attempt

Atlas Mountain

In yet another case of government apathy in Morocco, an ailing tribal woman was carried to the hospital on a make-shift stretcher. The distressing footage comes from one of Morocco’s remote Atlas Mountain near Azilal province, where the family members and villagers were forced to carry the women or several miles through the snowy Atlas Mountains, but unfortunately, the woman died on …

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Harvard Journal: Hicham Alaoui Discussing Current Trends in North Africa Including the Rif Crisis

Hicham Alaoui

Hicham Alaoui , Visiting Fellow at Harvard’s Weather head Center for International Affairs, sits down with Anna Boots, Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Journal for Middle East Politics and Policy, to discuss current trends in North African politics, including Tunisia’s nascent democracy, North Africa’s unique position in the Middle East region, and ongoing protests in Morocco’s Rif region. Prince Hicham Alloaui …

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Thousands Pack Rotterdam to Mark 1st Anniversary of Mouhcine Fikri’s Death


Thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Rotterdam, the second-biggest city in the Netherlands, earlier today, to commemorate the first anniversary of Mouhcine Fikri’s tragic death, crushed to death in a garbage truck on October 28th 2016, as he attempted to retrieve fish that had been confiscated by Morocco police. The incident sparked a wave of demonstrations in Morocco’s neglected Rif …

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Mah (Mother), New Amazigh Film from the Canary Islands


Mah (mother) (25 minutes), is an extremely interesting film project about the indigenous people of the Canary Islands known as Guanches —refer to the aboriginal Amazigh inhabitants of the Canary Islands—.   The film is directed by Armando Ravelo and starring Laura Perdomo, Maykol Hernandez, Francisco Vazquez, Hiram Vega and Cristo Quintana.

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Ahwash: Most Popular Dance of Amazigh Culture


Ahouach or Ahwash music and dance is known as the dance of the village among Amazigh people, Ahwach is a big part of the Amazigh culture in Atlas and the Souss region of Morocco. This Amazigh ancient art incorporates the dance, poetry, songs with shifting rhythms, with rates that vary during the delivery and varying versions from one tribe to …

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