Sunday , February 18 2018


Amazigh-Americans Launches Campaign to Help People of Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains

As the people of Atlas Mountains in Morocco struggle through the devastation of a major snowfall, and resulting humanitarian crisis, Amazigh-Americans is launching a relief campaign to assist charities on the ground providing assistance for those affected. For almost a month, massive snowfall has blanketed many areas in of the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, leaving people stranded, without heat, food or …

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Amazigh People of Atlas Mountains Face Fight For Survival in a Bitter Winter

By Amaynu Azayku,  February 14 2018 As of January 2018, the Red Cross and Crescent along with the Moroccan government reported that they were beginning to launch emergency response measures to assist the 70,000+ Amazigh people in the Atlas mountains affected by the significant snowfall and temperatures averaging 18 degrees to 7 degrees Celsius. At the time, the Amazigh population …

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Ferhat Mehenni to Hold Conference and Book Signing in New York


New York, February 9, 2018 Mass Ferhat Mehenni president of the Provisional Government of Kabylia in Exile, aka “Anavad”, will be holding a conference and book signing of his two new books – “Kabylie: Memorandum for independence”, Novembre 2017. and  “Memorandum for the right of the Kabyle people to self-determination” November 28 2017 – On Sunday February 18th 2018, at …

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AMREC Founder Brahim Akhiat Dies in Rabat at 78

Brahim Akhiat

Rabat, February 7, 2018 It is with sadness that we note today the passing of Brahim Akhiat on the 7th February, at the age of 78 after a long battle with illness, Brahim is a prominent Amazigh activist, writer, and founder of the first Amazigh association , The Moroccan Association for Research and Cultural Exchange aka AMREC , 1967,  an educational nonprofit organization that …

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Commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Death of Abdelkrim El khattabi

Abdelkrim El khattabi

Today, 55 years ago, on the sixth of February, Abdelkrim El khattabi, the Lion of the Rif left this earthly realm. His name arouses a special kind of emotion among the Amazigh of the Maghreb. His achievements have stunned friends and foes, and taking into considerations the limited means available, the greatness of his design and the impeccability of his …

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A New Honour: The Image of King Jugurtha on New Coin in Tunisia


February 2, 2018 The Tunisian government published images and official release dates for the new coin that recognize Jugurtha, king of Numidia from 118 to 105, who struggled to free his North African kingdom from Roman rule, the new coin also include a map of his kingdom. according to a statement released by the government, the new coin has been released …

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Video: Riddle of the Tuareg, OSU Lecture by Bernie Taylor


February 2, 2018 The hero’s journey monomyth is at the core of stories worldwide among indigenous peoples, the ancients, and our modern society, In this video The Riddle of the Tuareg” that is drawn from Bernie Taylor’s book “Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero” he explores a deeper root for this mono myth by looking at how hunter-gatherers …

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European Parliament to Discuss Situation in Rif

European Parliament

AWN – January 2, 2018 Member of the European Parliament, Kati Piri, has taken to Facebook to announce that a major meeting will take place on February 28, in Brussels at the European Parliament. The agenda program, which will be announced soon, include a discussions about the situation in Morocco’s neglected Rif region, where outrage erupted since last year over the shocking death of …

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