Friday , February 23 2018


AMREC Founder Brahim Akhiat Dies in Rabat at 78

Brahim Akhiat

Rabat, February 7, 2018 It is with sadness that we note today the passing of Brahim Akhiat on the 7th February, at the age of 78 after a long battle with illness, Brahim is a prominent Amazigh activist, writer, and founder of the first Amazigh association , The Moroccan Association for Research and Cultural Exchange aka AMREC , 1967,  an educational nonprofit organization that …

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Tunisia’s First Amazigh Magazine Launched


Tunis – AWN | Tanast, the first Amazigh magazine was launched in Tunisia on Monday January 1, 2018, Tanast is an electronic magazine dedicated to preserve and promote the Amazigh language and culture the Amazigh people in Tunisia and all those are interested in learning the Amazigh culture, the magazine will be published monthly in both Tifinagh and Latin characters. The aim …

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ASC Officially Announces Amazigh New Year’s Day as a Public Holiday in Libya

Amazigh New

Tripoli – Libya | In accordance with the resolutions of the local governments of the Tamazight speaking regions in year 2012 AD, regarding Amazigh New Year Holiday; And in reference to; – The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. – Resolution of the Amazigh Supreme Council number 3, of year 2013 AD, regarding designating the first day …

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Remembering Mbark Oularbi on the 7th Anniversary of his Death

Mbark Oularbi

It’s such a sad day for Mbark Oularbi’s family, friends and fans, the 9th of January marks seven years since the the founder of the Amazigh musical band Saghru passed away at age of 29 after a long battle with illness. The lead singer of Saghru band, discovers his true passion for arts at a young age, with his multi talent skills …

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Statement By ASC: The War Against Amazigh of Libya

Amazigh of Libya

Libya | Amazigh Supreme Council ASC continues to monitor closely the grave violations committed against Amazigh of Libya among them, the recent kidnapping in Benghazi of Mr. Rabi Al-Jaiash of the city of Qala, by the Arab Army Militias lead by Haftar, on the bases of Mr. Al-Jaiash‘s speaking and writing in Tamazight language. Furthermore, the recent kidnapping, torture, and …

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Amazigh New Year’s Day Officially Declared a Paid Public Holiday in Algeria


Algiers| A special Cabinet meeting was held this morning Wednesday 27 December in Algiers where the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika declared that the Amazigh new year holiday on January 13, 2018, as an official paid holiday for all federal employees in Algeria. According to the Algerian news, “the federal government will make every effort to generalize the teaching and use of …

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Six Kids Under 10 Years Old Arrested for Participating in Protests in the Rif

Imzouren | Six kids under the age of ten were arrested by Morocco police on Tuesday and accused of participating in a protests in Imzouren village located in Morocco’s neglected Rif region near Al Hoceima. In solidarity with political detainees from the “Hirak” protest movement that swept the Amazigh Rif region since October 2016, as a result of the death of Mohcine Fikri, the …

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ASC-Libya Releases Statement on Racial Remarks Made by Libyan Officials

Amazigh Supreme Council

In reference of the observations of the Amazigh Supreme Council (ASC) of recent racist statements of individuals considering themselves in position of authority in Libya, and the reiteration of those statements by several officials representing institutions auto-proclaiming legitimacy in the state; to a level where some of them are warning that Libya is “under a threat of becoming an African …

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