Saturday , October 21 2017


Morocco: Protests Over Water Shortage Continue in Zagora


Many parts of southern Morocco have been rocked by an unprecedented wave of protests since the start of the summer over water shortages crisis, the protests were even called ‘Thirsty protests’. One of the largest protests took place in Zagora, a town in the Draa River valley of southeastern Morocco, where more than 1000 protesters led by civil rights activist marched to the …

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Thousands Rally in Casablanca Demands Release of Rif Detainees

Rif Detainees

Casablanca October 8, 2017 Thousands of protesters and families of Rif detainees took to the streets of Casablanca—the largest city in Morocco—Today to demand the release of detained Rif demonstrators and journalists in the neglected northern Rif region. The protesters shouted slogans including “We are all Rif” and “Death rather than humiliation”, with hundreds of them brandishing photographs of the detained …

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Guardian Journalist Expelled From Morocco Over Report On Rif Protests


A journalist of the British daily The Guardian, Saeed Kamali Dehghan, was expelled on Thursday (September 28th) by the Moroccan authorities while he was reported in the town of Al-Hoceima, a region in the north of the kingdom shaken since almost a year by a vast movement of popular protest know as “Hirak”. The British newspaper said after he landed …

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The Amazigh Supreme Council Condemning so-called “Libyan Arab Army”

Amazigh Supreme

In reference to the interview aired on France 24 TV Channel, with Khalifa Hafter in Paris, in 27/7/2017; and regarding the mentioned individual’s declaration on insistence and deliberate use of the name; Libyan Arab Army. Where he justified the use of the name by saying that the vast majority of Libyans are ethnic Arabs; The Amazigh Supreme Council declares to …

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Al Hoceima is Set for a Day of Mass Protest Despite Official Prohibition

Al Houceima

Even as the Morocco regime announced in a statement that it will not allow such march to take place in in Al Hoceima and will not hesitate to take all frantic security measures to ensure the implementation of this decision, – from bringing in thousands more of riot police men from other locations, to closing off roads and shutting internet …

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Amazigh Human Rights Activist Salah Abbouna Arrested In Spain

Salah Abbouna

Spain police on Wednesday arrested member of the movement for the Autonomy of Mzab Salah Abbouna, following the issuance of an international arrest warrant by the Algerian state. According to Mohammed Dabou president of  “Izmulen”, Salah was arrested based on an unfounded accusation and false reports to restrict his peaceful political activities abroad about the violations of human rights committed by Algeria against Mozabite …

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Defense Lawyer: Silya Suffers From Severe Depression


According to Naima El Gallaf, defense attorney member of the Rif protest detainees, she said on her Facebook wall that “Since Silya’s arrest, she has been in and out of the hospital several times suffering from nervous breakdown caused by solitary confinement and placement in a dark”. ” Silya suffers from severe depression, which requires immediate release of detention” added Naima. Silya Ziani, 23, is …

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In Morocco: Arrested Rif Teenage Girls Released With Conditions

Houda Jelloul

Shortly after speaking in a live video calling all women in and around Al Houceima city to take to the streets to protest until all Rif detainees are released, Houda Jelloul, 14 years old, daughter of prominent Rif activist Mohamed Jelloul, was arrested on Monday night, along with another teenager named Nawal El Moussaoui, According to her uncle Said Jelloul; “Houda disappeared shortly after …

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Amazigh Community in Shock Following Death of Amazigh Activist

Rachid Lmstur

The Amazigh community is in shock following the sudden death of Rachid Lmstur, a 26-year-old with a bachelors degree in social sciences, who died along with 18 others on Sunday morning off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea after the boat go under. while attempting to reach Europe dream. His last words were, We will leave this nation sooner or …

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