Tuesday , 21 February 2017
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Al Jazzera Muse Journalist and the Amazigh identity of Morocco

Al Jazeera

  By Mustapha Akebdan The Al Jazeera star journalist Khadija Benguenna has taken to social media to vent her frustration and irritation toward the rehabilitation of the Amaizgh language in her native country Algeria. She did it by denying her follow Moroccan Journalist Samira Sital pronouncement that Morocco is an Amazigh country, not an Arab one. The animosity between the ... Read More »

Morocco to reform its education to curb the Islamic extremism

Islamic extremism

  Mustapha Akebdan, February 7, 2016 After a perpetual denial of the State responsibility on the surge of the violent Islamic extremism, the king of Morocco has ordered a reform of the religious material taught in the public and private schools. The goal of the reform is to emphasize the values of coexistence among different cultures and civilizations. Over the last ... Read More »

The Kahina: The Female Face of Berber History

By Cynthia Becker, November 2, 2015,  In the seventh century CE, an Arab army swept across North Africa with the goal of conquest, only to be defeated by a female warrior who led the resistance against their military advances. Commonly referred to as the “Kahina,” meaning “seer” in Arabic, this brave and defiant woman belonged to a Judaized Berber tribe ... Read More »

The Importance of International Alliances for the Amazigh Movement of North Africa

By Helene Hagan, Presented at the United Nations, 2002 P.I.P.E. Conference in preparation of the First Session of The Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. In this presentation, I will first introduce the Imazighen and the Amazigh culture of the thirty million or so autochthonous people of North Africa. I will review the various local, national and international branches of our fast ... Read More »

Celtic-Amazigh|Berber connection


Sometime at the end of the fourteenth, or it may have been in the early fifteenth century, a ship was wrecked on a spit of sand jutting out from the Moroccan Atlantic coast. The sole survivor scrambled ashore and fell into the hands of the Berbers whose clan name was the Beni M’Touga, and who inhabited that part of the ... Read More »