Sunday , February 18 2018


Amazigh People of Atlas Mountains Face Fight For Survival in a Bitter Winter

By Amaynu Azayku,  February 14 2018 As of January 2018, the Red Cross and Crescent along with the Moroccan government reported that they were beginning to launch emergency response measures to assist the 70,000+ Amazigh people in the Atlas mountains affected by the significant snowfall and temperatures averaging 18 degrees to 7 degrees Celsius. At the time, the Amazigh population …

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Nasser Zefzafi Has Lost 20lbs And His Health is Deteriorating in Solitary Confinement, Defense Team Says

Nasser Zefzafi

Casablanca | During a court trail January 5, the “Hirak” activists lawyers, told the press media that Nasser Zefzafi, the Rif protests leader, is living in a very critical health after being held in solitary confinement for more than seven months now. The same source added that Nasser has already lost about 20 pounds since his arrests after engaging in several hunger strikes …

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Hicham Alaoui: Morocco’s Future Depends on Rif’s Hirak Protests Movement

“Morocco’s future depends on Rif’s ‘Hirak‘ Protest Movement and Riffian protesters are not separatists” Hicham Alaoui said on Wednesday, October 18th while giving a keynote lecture at Harvard Kennedy School under the topic of “What does Arabness mean in an era of revolution?”. He added: ” This crisis is, of course not new, but had surfaced in Morocco quite strongly in the past months …

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Amnesty International Issues Urgent Action For Rif Protesters Facing Reprisals in Detention

Nasser Zefzafi

Via Amnesty International Protest leader Nasser Zefzafi and journalist Hamid El Mahdaoui remain in prolonged solitary confinement. Hunger-striking detainees are facing reprisals as their health continues to deteriorate. They face trial in Casablanca. Moroccan authorities are keeping the leader of the Hirak popular protest movement Nasser Zefzafi, 37, as well as journalist Hamid El Mahdaoui, 38, in prolonged solitary confinement. Nasser …

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The Paradox of the King Opposing the Makhzen


By Ali Amar  “Le Desk”  July 30 2017 Translated from French by Mustapha Akebdan King Mohammed VI addressed the nation on the occasion of the Feast of the Throne. He describes an executive and elected officials motivated by their personal interests and promises sanctions against those accused of treason. But it is at the heart of the reasoning on the …

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New Evidence Reveals Abuse and Torture of Rif Detainees


  By Mustapha Akebdan, July 4, 2017 A Moroccan Human Rights Council (CNDH) leaked document outlined the existence of physical evidence the Rif protest detainees have been tortured. In a later statement the CNDH denied the torture conclusion but didn’t deny the existence of such evidence. The CNDH is an advisory government body. The detainees were arrested in the Rif …

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Human Rights Watch: Morocco Protest Leader Alleges Police Beat Him

Nasser Zafzafi

Possible State Security Charges for Charismatic Figure in Rif (Tunis, June 22, 2017) – Police arrested and severely beat the de facto leader of ongoing social protests in Morocco’s Rif region, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said today, based on an account the protest leader gave his lawyer. Authorities are investigating Nasser Zefzafi, the protest leader, on grave charges, including …

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Will Popular Protests in North Africa Affect Europe?

Popular Protests

By Lhoussein Mabrouk  JUNE 10, 2017  The butterfly theory of Edward Lorentz in the forecasting of climate changes is one of the most astonishing scientific laws. It tells us through his precise calculations that the mere flutter of a butterfly wings in China could cause floods, hurricanes and strong winds in America, Europe or Africa, after successive interactions of air …

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Rif Protesters Defiant Despite Government Repression


By Siham Tinhinan, May 18, 2017 The Rif protests against its marginalization and the historically well documented, systematic mistreatment of its people. Peacefully protesting and asking the Moroccan government to sit and negotiate their primarily socioeconomic legitimate demands, and to rescind the militarization Dahir (executive order). Instead, the Moroccan system AKA Makhzen, brought in thousands more of well equipped troops from every …

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Amazigh Movement in Morocco


By Helene E. Hagan Re: Winter 2009, Volume 43 (2) PAGES 168-177 – “Ni Sauvage, ni Barbare, The Cultivation of “culture” in the Moroccan Amazigh Movement“ by Paul Silverstein, Reed College. Review of Middle East Studies © 2009 Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) Having just found this article on the internet, at the late date of February …

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