Thursday , September 21 2017

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Register Here – Amazigh Film Festival


We invite you to join us for the north African Amazigh film festival, which will be held at the Cohen auditorium-Tufts University in Boston on September 23th, 2017. This free event of films, discussion and live Amazigh music celebrates the diverse and insightful perspectives of the indigenous communities of North Africa which extend from the Oasis of Siwa in Egypt to …

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Boston to Hold 9th Annual Amazigh Film Festival in September

Amazigh film festival

By Zouhir Az August 15, 2017 Boston is expected to host the Ninth Annual Amazigh film festival on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Though in the past, the festival has been hosted across America, in cities such as New York and Los Angeles, this year, it will be presented at the Cohen Auditorium at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. The festival …

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Documentary: ‘Rif 58-59 Break the Silence’ with English Subtitles


Documentary project of Tarik El idrissi that tells the true story of the Rif revolution back on 1958-1959. the film is based on historical scenes and testimonies of people affected during that period of time. The film won ARACNE Prize in Tangier film festival, and the Jury Prize in the International film festival of Nador, as well as “Palme d’argent” at …

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Amazigh People Around the World Celebrate Amazigh Flag Day


Each year on August 30th The Amazigh people around the world  celebrates the Amazigh Flag Day, the symbol of Amazigh identity, and the common sight at Amazigh rallies, demonstrations, and celebrations. Naturally, the colors represent different things: blue for water, green for mountains & forests, and yellow for joy, gold, and the Sahara: the Tuareg realm. In the center is the Tifinagh17 …

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US Senator Expresses Concern Over Human Rights Situation in Morocco

Tim Kaine

August 29 2017 U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, released the following statement in which he expressed his serious concerns over the the current situation in Morocco due to continuing social unrest in the country, the functions of state of institutions and the deterioration of the human rights situation. I have concerns regarding …

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Video: Kylie Flavell’s Inspirational Journey to the Unknown Morocco


Kylie Flavell’s Inspirational Journey to explore the rural and urban communities of Morocco facing extreme marginalization for decades. Kylie is an Australian filmmaker, editor, producer & journalist making shows as a one-girl production company travelling to discover the world. PS: if you cant view the video here please click on “Watch this video on Youtube”.

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Video: Naoufal El Moutawakil Gives a Fiery Speech at Rally for Rif in Paris


At the France capital last Saturday, there was a rally to show support for the Rif people against Morocco’s flagrant violation of human rights. Naoufal El Moutawakil, a brother of one detainee, was one of the speakers, and he gave a brief speech in English summarizing the situation in Rif region and urging Morocco and its allies to end ongoing crackdown on …

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