Saturday , December 16 2017

ASC-Libya Releases Statement on Racial Remarks Made by Libyan Officials

In reference of the observations of the Amazigh Supreme Council (ASC) of recent racist statements of individuals considering themselves in position of authority in Libya, and the reiteration of those statements by several officials representing institutions auto-proclaiming legitimacy in the state; to a level where some of them are warning that Libya is “under a threat of becoming an African country”.

Therefore, we, as one of the Indigenous Peoples of Africa, declare to the local and international opinion;

  1. While ASC emphasizes on the necessity of combating illegal immigration alongside the commitment of the state to respect the human rights of the migrants; ASC reminds that Libya is located in the African continent, and has deeply rooted historical and cultural ties with its African brothers and sisters.
  2. . ASC emphasizes that Libya is a founding and a prominent member of the African Union. The lack of enabling the role of the African Union in the Libyan situation, is one of the factors that lead to the lack of stability in Libya. Which allowed the interference in Libyan issues by countries that have no regional ties with Libya and are not concerned with the interest of Libyans.

The Amazigh Supreme Council urges the international community to deal with Libya as an independent, African, Mediterranean, multi lingual and multiethnic state, built on the basis of plurality, and not as a state of one ethnic group.

Tripoli 28-11-2017


The Amazigh Supreme council (ASC) is an elected political body created on 2013 to represent the Amazigh people of Libya and  to demand a constitutional recognition of the Amazigh identity of the entire Libya.

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