Monday , October 23 2017

Anniversary of Mano Dayak’s Death

Today we commemorate yet another hero of the Amazigh Tuareg struggle for independence. Mano Dayak, the CRA leader (Coordination of the Armed Resistance), and a Tuareg freedom fighter, as well as a negotiator, he led the Tuareg Rebellion in Ténéré region, northern Niger during the 1990s, He was born in Tiden valley in the Aïr Mountains in 1949 and died in a suspicious plane crash in the Adrar Chirouet region in Niger, on the 15th of December 1995, while he was in his way to meet government officials to discuss peace talks.

Mano Dayak
Mano Dayak was the group leader who led Tamoust Liberation Front (FLT) – also a member of the CRA (Coordination de la résistance armée),  and the one who opposed the peace accord with the government of Niger that was signed by another Touareg Coalition (ORA) . Mano’s forces continued to pound government positions from their base in the Tenere Desert, East of Agadez. and wrote a book on the Tuareg grievances  against the government of Niger.

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