Friday , December 15 2017

Photos – American couple had an Amazigh inspired home built in Santa Fe after vacation in Morocco

Youssef, or Joseph as he is affectionately called by his village people in southeast of Morocco, it was a young man working as a Mason specializing in building mud houses for people in his region, using only local, natural material.

Joseph’s life will change completely when a couple of American tourists passed by one of the mud houses that he had built in a small Oasis not far from Tinghir , who insisted on meeting with the Artisan of the house, then when Joseph showed up, they expressed being amazed, and overwhelmed by the well designed house, and asked if he would consider building the same one for them, in Santa Fe, New Mexico in southwestern region of United States.

Joseph did not turn down the offer, he made the couple’s dream come true, and he turned his creativity talents and design skills into a very successful entrepreneur.





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