Sunday , February 18 2018

Amazigh Zenia Amazigh World Champion In Shobo

Amazigh Zenia raising Amazigh flag during podium ceremony ...
Amazigh Zenia raising Amazigh flag during podium ceremony …

Amazigh Shobo fighter Zenia Amazigh showed flashes of future stardom and continues its winning tradition and takes home another two gold medal collecting his second consecutive victory within two days of competition in the World Championship in Italy.

Amazigh Zenia is an Algerian athlete from Kabylia. world champion in the Shobo, a martial art in which he quickly distinguished. In addition to his championship skills, Amazigh doesn’t hesitate to promote his culture and identity whenever he had an opportunity.

Amazigh Zénia was born on 12 January 1972 in Freha in Kabylia, . He was only 8 years old at the Amazigh Spring of 1980. He attended  primary and high school in Kabylia. in 1990 he earned a degree in sociology at the University of Bouzaréah in Algiers.

After a year, he dropped out of university to follow a handball training ISTS (Sports Institute). Along with this, he followed the Vô-Vietnam martial art of which he started in 1992. He participated in many regional and national competitions. In 2000, he moved to France where he earned an associate degree in science and techniques of physical and sporting activities at the University of Paris.

Quickly After enrolling in Shobo martial art club, he won his first medal under 66kg category in China. and had won after that several gold medals at various international tournaments in France, Italy and China. Better yet, in 2013, he won three gold medals in ” mode Xianbo ” (flowing hands) Shuaijiao (wrestling) and Shoubo (foot and fist fight) and a trophy for the best shobo fighter.

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