Friday , June 23 2017

Amazigh Berber Carpet

Amazigh Berber carpet are named for the traditional hand-woven carpets of the Berber people of North Africa. Modern industrialized Berber carpets are a modern style of carpet, distinguished by a loop pile construction type that gives a similar appearance to the distinct knot of traditionally woven Berber carpet.

The modern carpets usually contain small flecks of dark color on lighter shades of background colors resembling a natural undyed version of the traditional carpets. They generally consist of a plain color mix with no pattern, and are relatively cheap and durable, and popular for areas with significantly heavy use such as offices. The distinctive knot texture and appearance of traditional hand-woven Berber carpets today are generally woven in brightly colored designs that are different from other oriental rugs.

Amazigh Berber Carpet
Amazigh Berber Carpet

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