Saturday , December 16 2017

Amazigh Activists to Keynote Evening of Tribute to Omar Khalek in Washington, D.C.

Omar Khalek

Numerous lectures and meetings were organized around the world following the Assassination of prominent Amazigh Omar Khalek, one of which is being scheduled by Amazigh Coordination of Washington, DC on Sunday, March 6th at 3PM in Central Library located at 1015 N Quincy St Arlington VA 22201.

Keynote speakers will include several Amazigh militants from the greater Washington DC area such as Said Aouragh,  Mustapha Oukhbbou ,Karim Bakchich and Said Sadek,

Complementing these exceptional lectures, there will be open discussion panels on various topics of Amazigh Issue and Imazighen struggle including life story of Omar Khalek.

For more information please contact Karim Bakchich at 5712755928


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