Thursday , February 22 2018

Al Jazzera Muse Journalist and the Amazigh identity of Morocco


Al Jazeera

By Mustapha Akebdan

The Al Jazeera star journalist Khadija Benguenna has taken to social media to vent her frustration and irritation toward the rehabilitation of the Amaizgh language in her native country Algeria. She did it by denying her follow Moroccan Journalist Samira Sital pronouncement that Morocco is an Amazigh country, not an Arab one.

The animosity between the two charismatic journalists symbolises the ideological divide between the secular and Islamists in post democratic-spring North Africa. Samira Sital is a trench modernist francophone who has fought several battles against the Islamists in Morocco. While Benguenna star as a journalist of the Arab masses rose after starting to wear an Islamist style headscarf. She never hid her sympathy toward the Muslim brotherhood short lived government in Egypt and its franchises in Algeria and Morocco


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