Sunday , December 10 2017

Aksel, a clothing company promoting a cultural identity

Aksel Group Logo

Aksel, is the first clothing line company to symbolize brand identity through it’s logo as well as the mission of promoting Amazigh Culture and freedom while building one of the best fashion companies in the globe.

Based in New York and San Francisco, Aksel Group sells European men’s fashion at affordable prices from an exclusively online forum, a concept that has already gained traction with sites like J.Hilburn. AkselParis carries shirts, sweaters, footwear, and various stylish accessories, like iPod covers.

The Aksel icon comes from Tifinagh, a 5,000-year-old alphabetic script used by the Amazigh people, a native ethnic group in North Africa, west of the Nile Valley. The Berbers are called imazighen, which means “free men”, and Prince Aksel was an Amazigh leader who fought for the freedom of his people.

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Words from the founder Yazid Aksas


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