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A desperate attempt to implicate the Amazigh people in the Arab-Islamist-Israeli conflict

By Mustapha Akebdan, January 20, 2016

In a recent interview, Dr. Jacob Cohen, a well known French-Moroccan anti-Israel activist stated that the Mossad is actively engaged in an incitation process among the Amazigh people in South East of Morocco.
Dr Jacob Cohen
Dr Jacob Cohen

Dr. Jacob Cohen is a very well known Jewish anti-Israel extremist. As such, he is cut off from the Israeli intelligence apparatus and doesn’t have any insights into its affairs. His pronouncement is just an echo of the Arab-Islamist anti-Israel lobby in Morocco.

In a similar statement in 2012, Mr Cohen accused the king personal adviser, Mr. Azouly to be a Mossad Agent. Needless to say that the Arab-Islamist media didn’t report such affirmation because of they were afraid of persecution by the Moroccan government.

Mr. Cohen should be very disappointed that Imazighen (plural of Amazigh) highest priority is to ward against the attempted Republic Arab Sahraoui (RASD) and to steer their country away from the Middle East conflicts which in the word of President Obama latest speech of the union are “..dated back Millennia”.

It is no secret the Israelis have designed and helped to build the sand barrier to defend Morocco against RASD attacks and that, the Jewish and Israeli lobby has kept the Moroccan foreign policy afloat against the Algerian and other Arab states (including several Palestinian factions).

Of course the Mossad is in Morocco and they are helping the security forces to keep us safe from the Islamic terrorists. Nobody believes the capture of over hundred terrorist cells is the work of the Moroccan intelligence.

This is another desperate attempt to drag the Amazigh into Middle Eastern fanatic conflicts. We will keep focused on reshaping the alienated Moroccan identity as the strategic path to our security and the advancement of our country.

About the author

Mustapha Akebdan is an Amazigh human right activist from Rif, living in the United States who writes for Amazigh world news.


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