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Youcef Abdi: I’m a Amazigh and proud

Youcef Abdi
Youcef Abdi, shown here competing at the 2008 Olympics in London

RT |Journalist|: You’re pretty passionate about your tattoo. Can you tell us the meaning of it?
YA: Tattoos were never something I thought I would get into, but this one was special to me. The symbol represents Amazigh ,BERBER (indigenous people of North Africa) which I am one of. It means a lot to me as the Berbers struggled throughout the centuries and still to live free but unfortunately some places in the world are not fair and just…says Youcef abdi,to the journalist ,talking about the Aza tatoo on his right arm,
Youcef Abdi ,34 years old is an Australian athlete who specializes in the 3000 m steeplechase. He was born in Azazga, Kabylia, Algeria , but changed nationality to Australia in 2000
Born in Algeria, Youcef Abdi moved to Australia after visiting Sydney for the 1996 World Junior Championships. then he changed nationality to Australia in 2000 He competed for his first Australian team in 2006, winning bronze in the 1500m at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. He took up steeplechase in the and competed in the event at the 2008 Beijing Games, finishing sixth, just 0.14 seconds outside of Shaun Creighton’s Australian record and producing Australia the best performance in the 3000m steeplechase in 40 years since Kerry O’Brien finished fourth in the final at the Mexico Games
Abdi competed at his second Games in London, finishing sixth in the steeplechase.

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