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36 Years Later, Still No Sign Of Boujamaa Habbaz

By Zouhir Az, April 21, 2017

On 19 April, 1981, Boujamaa Habbaz, Amazigh activist, linguistics professor and co-founder of the Moroccan Research and Cultural Exchange Association (AMREC), left his house in the morning and never came back. He disappeared very mysteriously without a single trace.

Boujamaa HabbazBoujamaa Habbaz was born in Botazolt village near Ouarzazate in southeast Morocco, where his father was a mine worker. There, he also attended both primary and junior high school. He earned his Baccalaureat from Mohamed V high School in Marrakech, and for a short period he became a primary school teacher. Afterward, he received his bachelor degree in French literature.

After that, Boujamaa earned his Doctoral degree from Paris Descartes University. his thesis explored socio-political and linguistic aspects of the Amazigh language in the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial of Morocco, a subject that might have disturbed the Moroccan regime back in the days.

In 2014, the Moroccan Amazigh television channel, known as channel 8,  presented a short documentary titled “Boujamaa Habbaz, The enigma of disapearance”, a documentary based on a book of Said Bajji, “Un kidnappé sans adresse : le penseur Amazigh Boujemâa Hebbaz”, ” a kidnapped without Address: The Amazigh Intellectual Boujemaa Hebbaz, 2000).

It’s been 36 years to the day since Boujamaa Habbaz went missing, and though his family as well as the Amazigh community are no closer to discovering what happened to him, his whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.


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